Industrial Hose Products

Anchor Rubber Products carries complete lines of Industrial Rubber Hose, Rubber Tubing, Plastic Hose, Plastic Tubing and Ducting for a wide range of suction, discharge and transfer applications. A complete range of sizes, constructions and lengths are available. Hoses can be coupled and clamped to meet your specific requirements. Click on a hose or flexible ducting below for details and specifications and also see below our complete list of Rubber and Plastic Hose, Tubing and Ducting.


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Industrial Hose, Tubing and Ducting


Ducting Hose

Leaf Collection Hose

Abrasion resistant urethane hose for heavy duty material handling.

General Purpose Ducting

Versatile general purpose hose for collection, venting, blowing and removal.

Petroleum Hose

Oil Hose

Suction and discharge of gasoline, oil and other petroleum based products.

Landscape Hose

Oil Hose

Abrasion resistant, easy to handle bark and mulch hose for landscaping.

Leaf Collection Hose

Urethane hose for heavy duty lawn and leaf collection.

Discharge Hose

Layflat Hose

PVC layflat hose used for agricultural, quarry, irrigation, and industrial applications.

Mill Hose

Mill Hose for pump water discharge and wash down service.




Complete List of Hose, Ducting and Tubing

Rubber Hose

  • Air Hose
  • Water Hose
  • Oil Hose
  • Debris Hose
  • Biofuel Hose
  • Chemical Hose
  • Mill Discharge Hose
  • Washdown Cramery
  • Food Transfer Hose
  • Steam Hose
  • Sand Blast Hose
  • Concrete Rubber
  • Gunite Rubber Hose
  • Powder Delivery Hose
  • Mine Spray Hose
  • Hot Tar Hose
  • Furnace Door Coolant

Plastic Hose

  • Food and Beverage
  • Braided Hose
  • Leaf Collection Hose
  • PVC Suction Hose
  • Mulch Hose
  • Vaccum Hose
  • Layflat Hose
  • Discharge Hose
  • Polyurethane Air
  • PVC Air Hose
  • PVC Water Hose
  • Spray Hose

Rubber Tubing

  • Neoprene Tubing
  • Buna Rubber
  • Silicone Tubing
  • Viton Tubing
  • Latex Tubing
  • Pure Gum Tubing

Plastic Tubing

  • Polyurethane
  • Nylon Tubing
  • Multi Color Ribbon
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Clear Plastic Tubing
  • PVC Tubing
  • Self Storing Tubing

Flexible Ducting

  • High Temp Silicone
  • Urethane Collection
  • Neoprene Ducting
  • PVC Ducting
  • Utility Blower
  • Air and Dust
  • Wood Chip Recovery
  • Street Cleaning
  • Fume Removal
  • Leaf Hose
  • Vaccum Hose