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Fluoroelastomers, Fluorocarbon O-Rings or commonly called Viton O-Rings can exhibit exceptional resistance to heat, aging, weather, ozone, oxygen, and sunlight, as well as to a broad range of fuels, solvents, and chemicals. AMS 7276 O-Rings, Parker O-Rings, GLT Type Viton O-Rings are some of the many compounds available at Anchor Rubber. We carry custom, standard and metric viton oring sizes. Our oring chart provides sizing information for standard inch sizes while metric viton orings are available in thousands of cross sections and diameters. Viton gaskets and hydraulic are also sold and custom manufactured here. See the below chart for characteristics and data sheets for some of the many fluorocarbon compounds available.

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viton oring
  General Attributes:
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Excellent resistance to engine oils
  • Low compression set
  • Good fuel resistance
  • Excellent ozone and weather resistance
Common Applications:
  • Engine Oil Seals
  • Fuel Systems
  • High Temperature seals
  • Petrochemical Systems

Fluorocarbon Types and Typical Properties

Fluorocarbon Compound Available Specifications Duro Shore A (+/-5) Key Characteristics Avg Temp Ranges Common

Data Sheet

Commercial ASTM D2000 75, 90 Available in Black or Brown. Excellent resistance to heat and a wide range of chemicals. 5° - 446° F Commercial
AMS7276 AMS 7276, M83248/1
Mil-R-83248 CL 1
Dwg AS3208, AS3209
75 Meets AMS7276. Excellent resistance to heat, engine oils and lubricants, ozone and weathering. Low compression set and good fuel resistance. -13° - 392° F AMS7276 Viton
AMS7259 AMS 7259, M83248/2
Mil-R-83248 CL 2
Dwg AS3581
90 Meets AMS7259. Similar to AMS7276 above except in 90-durometer hardness. -13° - 392° F AMS7259 Viton
GLT Type
M84385/1, AMS-R-83485
75 Meets AMS-R-83485. Excellent heat resistance and low temperature performance. GLT Type Viton. -31° - 392° F GLT Type Viton
GFLT Viton ASTM D2000 / SAE J200 M7HK 710 A1-10 B38 EF31 Z1 Z2 Z3 75 GFLT based FKM. Good for Low temp with improved chemical resistance. Listed for fuel/alcohol applications. -31° - 392° F GFLT Type Viton
FDA Viton ASTM D2000 / SAE J200 M2HK 710 A1-10 B37 B38 EF31 F15 Z 75 FDA, USDA and NSF grades are available (requires specific compounds) -4° - 392° F FDA Viton
Viton Extreme   75 Extreme chemical service. Strong bases and amines. Peroxide Cured.    
DISCLAIMER: The information contained here is for reference only. It is believed to be reliable, but no representations, guarantees or warranties of any kind are made to it's accuracy or suitability for any particular purpose. It is recommended that users conduct their own evaluations for the intended application.

Additional compound information and references

Recommended Shelf Life   Trade Names   Common Parker Compounds
Mil-HDBK-695D   VITON ®, FLUOREL ®,   V0747-75: AMS-R-83248 TY 1 CL 1
  TECHNOFLON ®, DAI-EL ®   V1164-75: AMS-R-83248 TY 1 CL 1
        V0884-75: General Purpose, Brown
Chemical Guide   Designations:    
Chemical Compatibility Guide   ASTM D1418: FKM    
    ISO 1629: FPM    
O-Ring Sizing   ASTM D2000: HK    
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