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hot asphalt belt

Hot Asphalt Belt - 5-3734

Reinforced NBR belt designed for a combination of high temperature and oil. Good abrasion resistance and flexibility in environments up to 350F in many applications. Commonly used hot asphalt belt and for oily grains, sewage treatment and oil treated coal conveyor belting.


heavy duty belt

Sand, Gravel and Rock Belt - 5-3831

Heavy duty 1/2" Thk 3-PLY Belt with high strength fabric for a long lasting mildew and rot resistant, low stretch belt. Excellent for high abrasion applications. Often used as a conveyor belt for sand, gravel, rock, ore, limstone and other heavy industrial applications.


rock belt

Heavy Industrial Belt - 5-2731

Strong 3/8" Thk 2-PLY Belt with heavy cover and high strength fabric. Long wear and low stretch belt. Excellent for high abrasion conveying. Often used as a conveyor belt for sand and gravel and heavy industrial applications.


rubber conveyor belt

Incline Belt - 3-1102

Polyester reinforced SBR belt with excellent gripping, high strength and low stretch for standard incline conveyors. This 2 Ply black rough top is the one of the most popular incline belts in the line. Used for almost any products including boxed, bagged or packaged goods.


rubber incline belt

Cleated Incline Belt - 5-7531

Polyester reinforced SBR belt for cleated incline. Top surface has 1/4" high x 6" wide chevron profile cleats in a staggard pattern. Used for bulk conveying. Also available in 3 ply and moderate oil resistant grades.


pvc conveyor belt

PVC Conveyor Belt- 2-1151

General purpose pvc conveyor belt with the popular interwoven carcass offering high strength, tear resistance and low stretch. This medium duty general purpose conveyor belt is used in many industries including recycling, package conveying, fruits, vegetables and baggage.


food conveyor belt

Food Conveyor Belt - 1-2002

This polyester reinforced white NBR belt is a very commonly used belt in the food industry. It us used in many FDA, USDA and agricultural applications. It has low moisture absorption and high resistance to oil and grease. It is a popular food belt used in the meat and fish industry.


Lacing Options for Conveyor Belts

  alligator lacing   bolt hinge lacing   staple lacing   spiral lacing  
  Alligator Lacing  

Bolt Hinge


Staple Lacing


Spiral Lacing

  belt lacing   conveyor belt lacing          

Unibar Lacing


Clipper Lacing






Cleat Options for Conveyor Belts

  conveyor belt cleat   belt cleat   conveyor belt scoop cleat   conveyor belt t cleat  

Bucket Cleat


Chevron Cleat


Scoop Cleat


T Cleat


Conveyor Belts

A complete line of Conveyer Belting is available at Anchor Rubber.


Light and Heavy Duty conveyor belts with a variety of lacing and cleats can be provided to suit your requirements. Belts for industrial parts, sand and gravel transfer and hot ashpalt belts are just a few popular items that we carry.


Shown here are some of the more common conveyor belts and their materials and applications. Please call for additional information or submit your request for quote for prompt attention.



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