Hydraulic Seals

Anchor Rubber carries a complete line of pneumatic and hydraulic seals.  From An style wipers to Z-seals, we’ve got your sealing requirements covered.  The following descriptions detail the more frequently used pneumatic and hydraulic seals listed in their standard materials.


Pneumatic and Hydraulic Seals are stocked in standard inch sizes while metric seals are also readily available.  Non-standard sizes and materials can generally be made upon request.


Please contact us for further information on sizing, materials and styles.



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Hydraulic Seals

U-Cups, Lip Seals, Metric Seals and More

u-cup seal


U-Cups are for use in pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and are especially adapted for low speed, low pressure applications. Standard inch and metric u-cups are readily available.
Material: Buna, Urethane, VitonĀ® Seals


loaded lip seal

Loaded Lip Seals

Loaded lip seal ucups, polypaks are made from high quality Urethane. These versatile seals are packed with a nitrile o-ring energizer for constant pressure on the sealing lips. They are excellent in very abrasive situations, allowing for longer seal life and can be used in Piston or Rod applications. Standard inch and metric seals are readily available. Styles include Standard, Deep or Beveled Lip.


vee packing

Vee Packings

Vee Packings are multiple-lip seals with V Shaped cross sections ideal for piston or rod applications. Pressure Vee Packings are generally used in stacks, with or without Male and Female adapters. WV packing also available.
Materials: Center Vee Packings - Nitrile and Fabric Reinforced; Adapters - Nylon and Fabric Reinforced.


rubber wiper


Wipers are designed to keep the rod and cylinder clean and free from contaminants and foreign matter. Shown below are three of the most common styles. Metal Clad wipers are also available.


  seal wiper D-Style
Medium to Heavy
Duty. Urethane.
  an style wiper AN-Style
Light to Medium
Duty. Urethane.
  wiper H-Style Wiper
Can also act as secondary
seal. Urethane.


piston cup

Piston Cups

Piston Cups are primarily used on piston heads, rams and plungers in pneumatic or hydraulic service. Piston Cups can be furnished with or without center holes.
Materials: Nitrile, Fabric Reinforced and Urethane


wear ring

Wear Rings

Wear Rings have high compressive strength and load bearing capabilities. The use of these non-metallic rings eliminates metal to metal contact and the subsequent potential scoring of cylinder rods and bores. These wear rings readily ingest metal chips and burrs and will not generate contamination. Wear Rings are most commonly made out of glass filled nylon.



Piston and Rod T-Seals

Piston T-Seals and Rod T-Seals are compact, efficient seals that were originally designed as an effective replacement for O-Rings. They are developed to fit into standard O-Ring grooves. T-seals have solved some reliability issues including extrusion through the gap and spiral or twisting failure. T-seals are supplied with back-ups on either side making it a good option for both single and double acting applications. Material: T-Seal - Nitrile, Backups - Nylon



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